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 We Build Brand Loyalty

     Brio Promotions is serious about building brands.  We believe imprinted ad specialty items are powerful marketing tools.  They’re a cost-effective way to launch new products, promote events, thank customers and even motivate employees.
     Our promotional products will put your name in front of the audience you want to reach. Whether it’s a calendar, tote bag, tee-shirt or coffee mug, promotional items can give your brand exceptional visibility.

Full-Service Promotional Marketing
     Company CEO Jeffrey Thibodeau had been creating promotional campaigns with ad specialties in New England for over 25 years when he and his wife Marli decided to take things up a notch.  In 2013 the couple purchased two companies in Rockland, Maine: J & B Printers, a 30-year-old screen printing business, and Camden Custom Embroidery, an 18-year-old apparel embroidery business.
     They also bought the 6,000 sq. ft. building where J & B Printers was located to serve as their company’s production facility.  By combining all these capabilities into a single entity under one roof, Brio Promotions became one of New England’s premier promotional marketing companies.  

Easy Ordering, Expert Assistance
     Brio Promotions offers you convenient single-source shopping, competitive pricing and fast turnarounds on all your promotional marketing needs.
We have ad specialty items that fit every industry from healthcare and finance to manufacturing and hospitality.  We work with over 3,000 suppliers and have access to over 700,000 logo-imprintable specialty items.  But what distinguishes us from others in this industry is our creativity in developing promotional campaigns.
     We’ll source clever but practical products and find ways to incorporate them into your marketing program for maximum impact.  Our professional graphic designers can provide custom artwork to achieve any look you want. From creative concept through quality production to on-time delivery, Brio Promotions has you covered.

Warehousing and Fulfillment
     Our spacious facility in Rockland, Maine allows us to offer you warehousing of your promotional products.  Buy in bulk for the best pricing.  Then let us store whatever you don’t need immediately.  We’ll also handle fulfillment, shipping your products whenever and wherever you want for a solution that’s truly turnkey.  

Grow Your Brand with Ad Specialties
     Studies show that almost 90% of people who receive an imprinted specialty item remember the advertiser’s name and have a favorable impression of the company.  If that kind of positive exposure could benefit your organization, contact Brio Promotions today!


Our Team


Marli Thibodeau

Business Strategist, Creative Thinker,  Entrepreneur.  Loves helping people get noticed.  Marli brings her many years of marketing and business expertise to every project at Brio.  Industries of expertise include technology, insurance and manufacturing. Lover of nature and pleasing aesthetics.




Jeffrey Thibodeau

Artisan entrepreneur with over 25 years in the promotional marketing industry, Jeff brings a unique combination of business smarts, project management and design to every campaign.  He's owned a variety of design and marketing companies and worked with clients in the national arena in diverse industries including education, finance, and healthcare.  Chocolate is his middle name.



Martin Rogers

As far as I'm aware Martin does two things at Brio: 1.) He handles all jobs—from consulting to ordering to following-up, all while managing in/out-of-house operations—and 2.) is British. Hooray! What's the one thing that would make physically calling someone on the phone tolerable, I ask you, if not the promise of a barely recognizable yet infinitely more charming version of your language on the other end. So pick up the phone and call today!

Lee Batchelor

Lee is a photo editor, designer, and web guy with a wide range of technical/creative skills and a knack for problem-solving that he guarantees will either come in handy or take up a lot of time. Lee has run his own online photo retouching service and currently does work as a designer and web guy for Brio Promotions. Lee also makes and sells fonts in his spare time. Isn't that something?


Mike Burns

Mike learned the often gloppy business of screen printing over 26 years ago from the very John Batty of J&B Printers who built the facility which is now home to Team Brio. Since then he has worked all over the place, from Rockland to Portland to Tennessee and back again. Besides screen printing Mike enjoys playing bass guitar and being in the company of his two dogs Roxy and Etta.

Pam Abbott

Pam learned how to embroider on the job over 18 and a half years ago. She has 'tamed' single-head machines, 12-head machines, and everything in between. When not masterfully decorating wearables as head embroiderer for Brio Promotions, Pam enjoys hobbies such as gardening, snowmobiling, and riding her Harley on Maine's scenic roads.